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Roofing Industry

We have been providing roofing and building services to Lincolnshire and surrounding areas for many years, building up a prestigious reputation along the way.

We now offer many services, all of which can be viewed using the menu above. We take pride in being one of the countries approved installers for Firestone LTD one piece EPDM RubberCover; a modern, versatile solution for your flat roofing needs, small or large.

Building Maintenance

We also provide services ranging from small house repairs to complete property overhalls, residential and commercial alike.

We have undertaken many projects for popular local and national household names such as; British Heart Foundation, KFC,Tesco ,Frontier Agricculture,Breedons ,Elgia Recycling, Boston Spice, West End Furnishings, Dunelm Mills, Chestnut Homes and many more

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Local service

We are small family business based out of Boston, Lincolnshire


We have worked on large projects for big busineses across Lincolnshire

Fascia example

EPDM Flat Roofing

We can offer residential services for small bay windows to prestigious properties such as this one

Cladding example

Fascia And Guttering

Whilst renovating your flat roof, we can replace your fascia and guttering and fascia by our certified FreeFoam installers, offering a unique lifetime guarantee

Trim example

Energy Saving Warm Roofs

Either renovating an old roof or a new build we can install up to the latest specification against heat loss, saving you money

guardian roofing

Other Services

One piece rubber is not our only speciality. CLICK HERE to see other unique services we offer


Rubber roofing installation on the Tesco Supermarket. Lincoln

Sub Contract Work

Repairs completed to the Spire Flat Roof, Kirton Town Hall


A large one-piece rubber installed of the offices of Frontier Agricculture,Holbeach

Resteraunts & taverns

500 square metres of rubber installed at Anderby Creek Tavern, Skegness

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